Why Mi1?

  • With a strong footing in Malaysia, Mi1 is reaching out to South East Asian (SEA) countries through its innovative marketing approach.
  • Reloads are available for more than 10 Telcos in the SEA region, including Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.
  • More bills can be paid in upcoming countries to which Mi1 is expanding.
  • Double your earnings daily with 4 active bonuses by helping others stretch their money.


  • Announced on 10th August, 2016 (5 Star)
  • The Ruby Crown Resort & SPA is located in Pulau Belitung, Indonesia.
  • To view more pictures of the Ruby Crown Resort and SPA – Click Here
  • View the site visit by Mi1 leaders – Click Here

What's New


Do follow our upcoming and latest on-going projects.

  • Mi1 Global
  • Mi1 Station
  • Mi1 Telecommunication
  • Mi1 Properties
  • Mi1 Share

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