Management Team (Malaysia)


Dato KC Lim

Co Founder

Dato. Lim, a Malaysian, is the Founder of Mi1 Group of companies.

Dato. Lim brings along an extensive 25 years of experience in trading industrial and running his family owned business. They had supplies to Singapore for years. He had brought the family business went on track and assisted by all brothers and sisters.

Dr. Lim started his entrepreneurship in 2006 with his creative networking approach and the business had been expanded and have established a strong footing in Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2015, with his long-sighted vision on future development in Information Technology era, he had penetrated into this competitive mobile reload top up credit market.

Dato. Lim holds his Doctor of Philosophy of Entrepreneurship by Camden University of America.


Datuk Mustapha Bin Taib


He had been involved in the academic era in Malaysia since 1974. From 1974 to 1998, had worked as Lecturer for Kelantan Islamic Foundation, Islam Academic of Malaya University and Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia.

In 2001, he was appointed as think-tank panel for Special Affairs Department of the Ministry of Information Malaysia and was appointed deputy Director General of Jasa Malaysia in 2005.

From 2007-2014, Datuk was appointed as Special Officer by the Minister of Higher Education, YB Dato' Seri Mustapha Mohamed in Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Minsitry of International Trade and Industries.
Datuk was awarded “Datuk” recognition by our King Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang Dipertuan Agong in 05-06-2002


Dr. PK Tan

General Manager

Dr Tan, is also a Malaysian, is managing the Mi1 Group of companies.

Dr Tan obtained his Traditional Chinese Medicine certification in 2006. For the past years, he worked as medication consultant to many companies.

In 2012, Dr Tan had become the contracted Chinese Physician of B4ItHappens, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

With his excellent capability, Dato’ Dr. Lim had invited him to join his group, in assisting Dato’ to achieve his vision in this trendy Information Technology era.


Mr Kelvin Chan

Operation Manager

Mr Chan graduated from Higher Diploma in Accounting in 2003 while further graduated from the Nutrition Therapist in Functional Nutrition, City of Sunderland, UK and Diet & Nutrition Complementary Therapist, ITEC UK in 2010.

He had 13 years’ working experience in financial background – TNS Global Market Research Company, retail business and management, nutrition and healthcare field. With his vast working experience, he managed to assist General Manager & Directors in handling all operation issues of Mi1 Group of companies.


Management Team (Indonesia)


Drs. Dadeng Hidayat


Drs. Dadeng Hidayat known as a national business practitioners and successful entrepreneurs who do lots Indonesia as an activist, journalist and best-selling author. Dadeng was born in the city of Sukabumi. He successfully led several national and international companies, including PT. King Trembling Earth (as President Director), PT. Coins Chem Tech (as President Director), PT. Coins Development Investment (as President Director), PT. Ambassador Bintang Indonesia (as President Director). As a journalist, he was once a gem Tabloid Chief Editorial and Editorial Board "Initiator Magazine". He also served as Vice of Chief Editorial Magazine Welcome To Indonesia (1998-2000), Director of PT. Fresh Wet Tissue (2001), Operational Director of PT. Gem Communication (2004-2009), Coordinator of Corruption Investigation Forum, Secretary of the Foundation of Indonesia Bersatu, Chief of Red and White Center and as a delegate Tabloid Media Corruption Jakarta.
Author of Success
Jakarta's Borobudur University alumnus, successful author of several books on the theme of "terrorism" became a best seller. Among Books: 'Without Terror Against Terror', 'Know the Terror and Terrorism', 'Development of Global Terrorism Network and the National'. Not only terrorism, Dadeng also wrote a book about the history of the mosque: 'Books mosques and Famous Historic All Indonesia'
As Activist
Dadeng Hidayat led the National Movement for Combating Terrorism (GNMT). He also became Chairman of the Institute for Strategic Studies of Indonesia (LKSI) 'Chairman of the Indonesian Mosque Council and Chairman of the Young Generation Islam Indonesia (AMII), Chairman of the Ka'bah Youth Corps Alumni and Chairman of the Young Generation Indonesia Mosque
The period of April 2016, Drs Dadeng official Hidayat President Director of PT. Mi One Global Indonesia. Armed with experience leading several companies at the same time as an activist, author and business practitioners, Dadeng Mymi1 committed to developing the business, to be able to make people prosperous Indonesia. Making Mymi1 as a business that is easy and can be practiced by many people and were able to lift the nation degrees Indonesia.


Muhammad Yunus Yosfiah


Lieutenant General (ret.) Muhammad Yunus Yosfiah (born in Rappang, South Sulawesi, August 7, 1944) is one of the leading Indonesian military who had served as Minister of Information of the last under President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie. Yosfiah served as information minister in the Cabinet Reform development in the era of President Habibie in 1998 and 1999. His actions in removing restrictions on the media and other forms of communication, such as the abolition of the press Publishing business license (this license) and guarantee freedom of the press, has been described as "one of the major breakthroughs of the Habibie government".
Political Career
Yosfiah was Chairman Armed Forces faction in the Assembly in 1997. He retired from the Army in 1999. In 2002 Yosfiah become a member of the United Development Party (PPP). Yosfiah also Secretary General of the PPP from December 2003 until 2007. Yunus has also been a member of Parliament from 2004-2009 PPP and sit on the Commission XI

Military Career
Yunus is a graduate of the National Military Academy (AMN) in 1965. Her military career began when he was lieutenant to become a platoon commander / Group 2; continue racing career. In 1978 he served as commander of the Infantry Battalion 744; He served as commander of Korem 164 Dili with the rank of Colonel (1985-1987); as Chief of Staff Military Command VI Tanjungpura with the rank of Brigadier General and Commander of Infantry Weapons Center of the Army, Commander of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (with the rank of Major General) and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Social and Political (with the rank of Lieutenant General)
The period of April 2016, Yunus officially served as President Commissioner of PT. Mi One Global Indonesia. Yunus commitment MI1 establish and develop business in Indonesia, for Indonesia is more advanced, successful and prosperous.